Newsletter Subscribers Receive Free Shipping!

Newsletter Subscribers Receive Free Shipping!
To me, as a consumer myself, I am usually more interested in free shipping than I am random price slashing. Don’t get me wrong, I like discounts as much as the next guy, however, excessive discounts usually just tells me how overpriced the items were to begin with. It is easy for retailers to just boost up all their prices and randomly slash them to make it look like a sweet deal. Ugh, I hate when I see a site do this.

That is a big reason why I like free shipping so much. With free shipping there is a real world value attached to it. I know that the retailer is actually giving me something of value and not just a random flashy discount percentage. Yes, I know that prices can be increased to cover shipping, but at least you know that there aren’t hidden costs beyond what you see in the product’s price. There is almost nothing I hate more when I am shopping online than “handling” fees. Fortunately the practice of profiting from ninja handling fees has been largely punished enough in sites like Ebay and Amazon with their sorting retailers by price + shipping that we don’t see too many inflated shipping fees anymore, but wow is that annoying when I come across it.

All the same, as a consumer I prefer free shipping over most marketing gimmicks because as I said, it has a real world value to attached it and also makes tracking my bottom line easier at checkout. I can’t do much about any stealth taxes if you happen to be located where those are collected, but that is something else altogether.

I didn’t mean to make this post so negative, but while I am on a shopping pet peeve rant, here is another. I hate websites that bombards me with signup notifications for some random newsletter of theirs. Like I want to get hit with their spam for the rest of my life. They are getting pretty aggressive with it too these days. Why should I sign up for a newsletter anyway?

Well as a retailer, having a list of interested customers is vital to a store’s solvency. As much as I dislike it as a consumer, I can’t overlook it as a retailer. So my approach to our newsletter here is to give as much value as possible. I don’t just want to stuff my newsletter with ads for my store. I wanted to make each newsletter actually have content that my customers would enjoy reading (or at least glancing at, let’s not kid ourselves, we are all very busy!).

With providing value in mind, I thought it would be a great idea to have a win win situation. To me that is the best way to do business with each other. Instead of just throwing newsletter popups at you in hopes that you decide you like spam, I would present you with a deal.

Here is the deal I present to you:
  • We will never spam you! We will send out a newsletter, no more than twice a month.
  • We will never sell your info to anyone!
  • We will have actual content in the newsletters, not just advertisements.
  • We will have Free Shipping for the U.S. on as many products as we can (right now that's all of them).
  • International customers will get a 10% discount off the shipping cost. 

What I ask in return:
  • Just register an account on and keep the "Subscribe to our Newsletter" check box checked.

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I hope that you will find the newsletter interesting enough to not unsubscribe later or use an email address you never access or just hit the spam button, etc. But at the very least we have a chance to present each other with a win win situation. I am not just asking you to sign up, I am presenting you with this deal.

Thank you!

Dan Hopkins