Welcome to Funthropology!

Welcome to Funthropology!
---- 8/02/2018 Site Opening Update ----
A small note on site's launch: I don't think I could ever fully be ready, so I have to start somewhere. I have finished adding our starting lineup of products with 90 comic titles having over 350 designs! There are so many more products I will be adding, so please excuse our dust as I keep adding products and fill out our full lineup. Check back often to see our progress! Read our launch Press Release and see the site Changelog for more details.



Full disclosure, I am not Captain America and I don't have traps like that. Hello I am Dan Hopkins and welcome to my dream job!  First off let me thank you for visiting our site. Building Funthropology.com was a lot of work and yet the journey to this point has really been a true joy. I love the art, the comics, and all of the discoveries that I have made bringing this site to life!

I want to give you my personal assurance that we at Funthropology.com are dedicated to your satisfaction. I stand behind all our products and pledge to make shopping here an enjoyable and risk-free experience. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason we will refund you your hard earned money!

You see, as a career software developer working for other people most of my life, I have had to suppress my inner entrepreneurial fire. I have always wanted to start and run my own business but with a sizable family to support I have not been able to take that leap of faith and embark on my own. However, with a fortunately timed re-fi on my house and some good gains in Bitcoin, I have been able to fund the start of this my new venture, 2C Comics LLC. I see this as my one opportunity to finally realize my dreams and would never allow any of that to be jeopardized by delivering you poor products or poor service.

Before I get into exactly what 2C Comics LLC is or the rest of my story, I want to finish off this introduction with further details on what Funthropology.com is and what the plans for it are going forward. As the name suggests this is a site dedicated to the pursuit of fun products! The name also implies a slant into historical fun products. To some extent that is true, at least in the case of our first and main product line, Retro Comic Styles

We have launched Funthropology with a huge selection of products featuring art from retro comic book covers. I love this art! It has so much vibrancy and history wrapped up into it. I felt that there were just too many amazing art pieces completely forgotten and lost that I couldn't stop adding to our opening catalog. We are not done adding to the Retro Comic Styles lineup, so check back often!

While Retro Comic Styles may currently be our primary product line, we also have a great selection of more modern licensed merchandise. In addition, we will be offering a handful of selected board game products to you as well.

If you sign up for our Newsletter, we will keep you up to date on all our products and offerings, not to mention the free shipping!

Dan Hopkins