Capes & Chaos Strategy Card Game - Retro Edition, 2 Player Box

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Capes & Chaos: Strategy Card Game - Retro Edition is an advanced strategy card game that once learned is easy to play but hard to master.

In Capes & Chaos, while you are still competing against other players, you do not go head-to-head. Instead you will fight neutral opponents in a compelling mix of both new concepts and traditional elements of combat from tabletop RPGs (using a 20 sided die for attacks). Capes & Chaos is sure to deliver hours of fun!

You are taking on a role of a superhero leader. Your deck of cards represents your superpowers and allies for protecting the innocents against sinister forces. You will fight to defeat enemies and complete missions on the battlefield.

As a leader you will play with a constructed deck of "Cape Cards" and fight against a random assortment of "Chaos Cards" as the opposition of the game. Cape Cards do not have common card backs. Each side is unique. One side shows the card's art. The other side shows the card's abilities.

Game length varies as the number of rounds to complete a game is determined by the players at the start of each game. At the end of the game, accumulated Threat Points are tallied to determine winner placements. The game can be played solo or with as many players as there are cards to support (this box set has enough for 2 players).

Besides being a fun and challenging game with fresh mechanics, Capes & Chaos: Strategy Card Game - Retro Edition has many additional features, including:

Over 140 Unique Works of Art!

Individually selected and restored works of historical art from the golden and silver age of comics in the public domain brought to you on Premium 14pt (305gsm) card stock!

Each Card Is A Link To Its Own Wiki Page!

Found on every Cape Card and every Chaos Card is a barcode. This is a link to a wiki page dedicated to that card! On this page you will find more information on how to use the card’s abilities, the full art page that was used for the card and a link to read the actual comic book it came from! No proprietary app is needed.

A Dueling Game Without the Duel!

While still a competitive game, Capes & Chaos: Strategy Card Game - Retro Edition does not pit you directly against your friends. Dueling card games are fun, but when the sides are not evenly matched it becomes difficult to find opponents. Instead, enjoy the fun and possibilities of a dueling card game but without the challenges of fielding an opponent!

In Capes & Chaos: Strategy Card Game - Retro Edition the Chaos Cards (orange cards representing villains) are equally divided among players as a random assortment of cards to form Chaos Decks. The Chaos Decks are placed at the center of the game table and a grid of four columns and a row per player becomes the opposition of the game!

Complete Solo Game Experience!

The solo version of Capes & Chaos: Strategy Card Game - Retro Edition was not an afterthought. Enjoy the full game experience with minimal rule variations! Another benefit to having a neutral opponent in the form of Chaos Cards is being able to play the game on your own schedule and at your own pace! Can you beat your previous score? How many missions can you complete this time??

Our upgraded playmats are made with smooth fabric having stitched edging to prevent fraying. Larger than the standard poster playmats included in the game, the dimensions of the upgraded playmats are 14" x 24" on 1/16" thick rubber.

The only way to get the upgraded playmats is to purchase the Deluxe edition (use the drop down above near the "Add to Cart" button). There are two versions of the upgraded playmat: Montage and Covers. Besides the printing, these playmats are identical.

Each Deluxe edition comes with two upgraded playmats and the standard two poster playmats. Deluxe-Mixed comes with one of each of the upgraded playmats (montage and covers).

Capes & Chaos: Strategy Card Game - Retro Edition is played over a series of smaller turns within larger rounds. The goal of each turn is to acquire Threat Points through defeating Chaos Cards and completing missions.

At the foundation of the game are 20 game symbols that represent power themes. These symbols are found on every card and either cause weakness or fuel abilities depending on the circumstances.

The Symbol Cards are a deck of each game symbol three times (60 card deck) that are set up in the "Hazard Zone". When the symbols found on your Cape Cards match a symbol in the Hazard Zone, your card gains weakness. However, when you make attacks you are granted a Symbol Card that then becomes a "Situation Point" and is placed into your "Situation Pool".

When a Symbol Card is in your Situation Pool, it no longer causes weakness, but instead is used to fuel powerful abilities on your cards, including unlocking Upgrade Cards!

As a friendly competition against other heroes you are not going directly head-to-head with them. Instead, the opposition for the game is an assortment of Chaos Cards arranged into a grid at the center of the game table.

A random deck of Chaos Cards per player is lined up in a column with the top 3 cards from each deck placed to the right (or left) of the decks to form a grid of villains, called “the War Grid”.

All Chaos Cards in the War Grid are face up with their art showing, each card is a playable target for all players (even the deck piles themselves). When a card is taken from the War Grid, it is immediately replaced by another from the deck pile on the same row. There should be a row per player in the game. This can scale to any number of players (even beyond two by combining sets).

The Symbol Cards above and below the War Grid in groups of five for a total of 10 Symbol Cards (and always ten) form the Hazard Zone mentioned above.

Before starting a game, players agree to the number of missions to complete. Each mission adds about 5 to 10 minutes of game time, multiplied by the number of players. For example, a three mission game with two players would be roughly between 30 minutes to 60 minutes of game time (depending on familiarity with the game).

A Mission Card is a Chaos Card with the art side facing down. More specifically, a Mission is the grouping of four symbols on the back. To complete a Mission, you must defeat a villain with a matching symbol for each of the symbols on the Mission Card. However, if you can't find a villain in the War Grid with a matching symbol, then any two villains (regardless of their symbols) as a wild pair can fulfill a Mission symbol requirement.

All Missions are open to all players. The first player to complete a Mission is awarded the card (along with the bonus points it represents). A new Mission Card then replaces the completed one until the last Mission is completed. Upon the completion of the last Mission, game play continues for all players yet to take a turn on that round, the game then ends.

There are three types of Cape Cards: Powers, Allies and Upgrades. Powers and Upgrades are placed into play at specific locations on the playmat and remain in play until they are used up or defeated. Ally Cards represent characters or people and come in various strengths (Superhero, Hero, and Sidekick).

Ally Cards cannot come into play or stay in play unless they are "Targeting" a Chaos Card. This is done by selecting a Chaos Card from the War Grid and placing your Ally Card on top of the selected Chaos Card. When you defeat a Chaos Card, it goes into your Defeated Pile and your Ally Card is “Recycled” (placed on the Recycle Pile to be turned over to reform your Cape Deck should you run out of cards).

Your choice of enemy card will be determined by a number of factors. The strength of the card is one consideration. Harder cards award more Threat Points needed to win the game. Mission requirements is another. You will be looking to complete your Missions by defeating Chaos Cards with matching symbols. Other considerations would be to gain combat benefits by selecting Chaos Cards with favorable symbols which give you the upper hand through advantaged attacks and your Class powers!

At the bottom of each Cape Card and Chaos Card is a large number (either a 1, 2 or 3) representing that card's Power Rank. The Power Rank is the amount of health the card has. Additionally, for Cape Cards, the Power Rank is also the amount of Upkeep the card costs to have in play.

At the top of each Chaos Card is a set of shield icons, each with a number 5. These icons represent 5 points toward the card's Defense Rating.

Adding up the shields will get you the Defense Rating, which will either be a 5, 10 or 15. These numbers (or higher) are what is needed to roll on your 20 sided die to score a hit against that card. The Defense Rating is also the amount of Threat Points defeating the card will award.

Every Attack Roll you make will result in 1 point of damage to either your target if you hit, or to your Cape Card making the attack should you miss!


Each Cape Card has numbers over dice icons called Combo Strikes. If these numbers are rolled in an Attack Roll then you score a hit regardless of the target's Defense Rating. But wait, there's more!

All Cape Cards in play (your other cards and those of other players!) will score a free hit of damage, even out of turn, if anyone around the table rolls a matching number of a Combo Strike on their Attack Roll! Pay attention to what your competition is rolling, you may just deal free damage!

Situation Points

After each attack you make (hit or miss) you gain 1 Situation Point. A Situation Point is one Symbol Card taken from either the Hazard Zone or the Symbol Deck. If you miss the attack, you get 2 Situation Points! Situation Points are used to unlock Upgrades, use a Power Card's special ability or use an Ally Card's ultimate ability!


After making an Attack Roll, you have the option to withhold from the outcome of that roll to pay for a new Attack Roll and choose between those two rolls. This can continue in a chain as long as you have enough cards in your hand to pay for more rolls.

If the symbol on your attacking card matches either symbol of your target, you get an Advantaged Attack! This means you get to make one free chained attack, making two Attack Rolls and choosing between the rolls!

Each player selects one of two classes: Brawler or Blaster. Though the game box comes with two sets of forty unique Cape Cards which have been split into 2 decks (one for each class), Capes & Chaos: Strategy Card Game, Retro Edition, is a constructed deck game. This means you can mix and match to compile your own Cape Deck from any of the Cape Cards and use any Class Card with any Cape Deck. In fact, the Class Card itself is informational only, if you know how to use the Class powers, there is nothing stopping all players from playing the same class should they so desire.

Each Class brings two unique powers that enhance the style of game you play: a Combo Strike Ability and a Target Match Ability. The Combo Strike Ability is triggered when one of your cards gets a Combo Strike rolled (but only once per attack). The Target Match Ability is only triggered against targets that match any of the symbols associated with the Class.

Upgrade Cards have no upkeep, however they come into play inactive (art facing up), providing no benefits until activated (turned over). Upgrade Cards cannot make attacks as Powers can. Instead they provide passive abilities available to you for the entirety of the game. Additionally, Upgrade Cards add a Class Symbol and a Combo Strike number that only serves to trigger Class Abilities.

To activate an Upgrade Card, you need Situation Points in your Situation Pool. From there, you can discard the number of Situation Points indicated at the top left of the Upgrade Card that have any matching symbol found in the grouping of ten symbols at the bottom of the card. If you don't have an exact symbol, any two symbols can act as a wild pair.

1 Copy of Capes & Chaos: Strategy Card Game - Retro Edition includes all of the following:

2 Leader Cards

Double-sided poker-sized portrait cards, one for each player.

1 Symbol Deck

60 total mini-cards
(20 unique)

1 Chaos Deck

60 total poker-sized cards
(all unique)

2 Cape Decks

80 total poker-sized cards
(all unique)

2 Reference Cards

2 poker-sized cards

2 Class Cards

2 tarot-sized cards
(Blaster and Brawler Class)

12 Summoned Sidekick Cards

12 total mini-cards
(3 unique)

Instructions Booklet

3.5" x 5.0"
(black & white, 52 mini-pages)

2 Playmats

18" x 12"
(poster paper)

Transparent Chips in 5 Colors

1 twenty sided white die

approx. 20 chips per color
(purple, red, green, yellow, and blue)

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